A nurse for more than two decades, Susie felt compelled to collect money and blankets for Dallas-area homeless after her husband’s suicide in 1993. Never knowing where the resources would come from, she promised unconditional obedience to the Lord, who had comforted her and blessed her in the midst of terrible tragedy. Her simple act of obedience led to the formation of Operation Care International, who provides the nation’s largest Christmas party whose beneficiaries are the homeless people living on Dallas city streets, who call Susie the “Blanket Lady.”


Susie's passion for the destitute of the world has at its root her disdain for this sub-culture. Not caring of the poor who literally took food out of her mouth as a child in the Philippines, Susie couldn't have imagined she would ever lead an international ministry to the homeless and indigent kids, Operation Care Int'l. Now, she addresses audiences with her message of compassion in: 

  • Philippines

  • Africa

  • Indonesia

  • Jordan

  • India

  • Taiwan/China

  • Cambodia

  • Israel

Her powerful life lessons impact listeners and prompt them to action- God's action of helping those less fortunate:

  • He Gave Me a Dream

  • Your Name is on the Line

  • I Am All Alone God - Now What?

  • Turning Tragedy to Triumph

  • Benefits of Unconditional Obedience


God inspired Susie with the compelling message of unconditional obedience. Then, He equipped her for that call on her life - sometimes in ways she would not have chosen. She continuously claims this verse from Mark 10:27: "With men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible."


  • "Pint-Size Nurse Shows King-Size Heart for Homeless in Dallas," by Marcia J. Davis in Charisma Magazine, 2005

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  • Manna Express (Dec. 2009, Oct. 2011)

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  • Baylor Progress Magazine (2006, 2010)

  • Challenger Magazine (July-Sept 2008)

  • Dallas Morning News (Dec 2007, Dec 2008)

  • Ms. Texas Woman of Achievement 2015

  • Hall of Fame Honoree 2014, Roaring Lambs

  • Goodwill Ambassador, Golden Rule (2013)

  • Continental Who's Who (2011-2012)

  • Madison Who's Who (2011-2012)

  • Cambridge Who's Who (2006-2010)

  • "Community Coffee Hero" WFAA Radio (2009)

  • Windsor Who's Who (2007)

  • International Who's Who of Prof. Mgt (2002)

  • Dallas-Fort Worth Great 100 Nurses (1996)

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